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"I have had the opportunity to work with UA Medical Products and Fanish Engineer for over 10 years. The service has always been excellent and the products of high quality. I can comfortably recommend UA Medical to any physician or practice."

"Eric Feinberg, M.D., FACOG Chairman, Department of Obsterics Caromont Health Care"

Summit Doppler - Analogic FETALGARD Lite™ Fetal Monitor

APM - Antepartum Monitor, NST (Non-Stress Test).

The FETALGARD Lite™ is one of the highest quality fetal monitors available. The monitor offers complete flexibility in configuring a system that fits your needs and budget. It can be purchased in a package or configured independently. The system offers unique multifunctional features that make it ideal for fetal monitoring in the clinic, office or home. The system is designed and manufactured in the US with the quality, dependability, performance and sensitivity you expect from Summit Doppler.



  • Mobile, lightweight and durable – (Optional Roll Stand or Carrying Case available)
  • Battery or Line Operated
  • Unique NST Graticule Indicator
  • Trace Scroll
  • Single or Twins Transducers
  • Programmable Alarms
  • Back-lit LCD Screen
  • Advanced Patient Data Storage – (Up to 12 hours Cardiotocograph storage)

PC Software

  • PC based exam storage and Printing - (EMR Compatible)

Recorder (Printer)

  • High Speed Printing and Resolution
  • Programmable Print Speeds
  • Easy to Load –Front loaded Z Fold Paper - (Accepts other Manufacturers Paper)


  • Single or Twins
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Transducer based Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)
  • Wide Beam – (Superior Sensitivity)

Roll Stand

  • Durable and Lightweight

Blood Pressure

  • Optional maternal blood pressure monitoring


FGPKG1 – FETALGARD Antepartum Monitor including Monitor,Twins Transducers, Recorder (Printer), Tocotonometer, Belts, Gel, Portable Stand, FETALGARD View PC software and Patient Marker.
FGPKG2 – FETALGARD Antepartum Monitor including Monitor,Single Transducer, Recorder (Printer), Tocotonometer, Patient Marker, Belts and Gel.
FGPKG3 – FETALGARD Antepartum Monitor including Monitor,Twins Transducers, Recorder (Printer), Tocotonometer, Patient Marker, Belts and Gel.
FGPKG4 - FETALGARD Antepartum Monitor including Monitor,Maternal Blood Pressure MonitoringTwins Transducer, Recorder (Printer), Tocotonometer, Patient Marker, Belts and Gel.

Individual Model Numbers

FGLMON – FETALGARD Antepartum Monitor including Tocotonometer, Belts and Gel.
FGLREC – FETALGARD Recorder (Printer).
FGLTR1 – FETALGARD Single Transducer with belt.
FGLTR2 – FETALGARD Twins Transducer with belt.
FGLPCS – FETALGARD PC software package.
FLGMRK – Patient event marker.
FGLSTN – Portable durable stand for FETALGARD monitor and recorder.
FGLTOC – Tocotonomer with belt accessory.
FGLBLT – Two abdominal belts.
FGLCCS – FETALGARD Monitor Carrying Case.
FGLPAP – Z-Fold Printer Paper


Catalog #: FGPKG2
List price: $4545.00

UA Price: $4080.50
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Catalog #: FGPKG1
List price: $6405.00

UA Price: $5764.50
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