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"Quality medical products at reasonable costs with reliable service - That's what you can expect from U.A. Medical Products. I have worked with Fanish Engineer for many years and value that relationship for my practice and my patients."

"Dr. James G. Zolzer, Lakeshore Women's Specialists, PC"

UA Medical was founded in 1987 when, after being employed for 10 years in medical supply sales, Fanish Engineer decided to distribute independently. The company was originally founded in Ridgewood, New Jersey but relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina In 1990.

Since opening, UA Medical's 100% satisfaction guarantee has been its driving force, and the reason it was the first to distribute the Helica Thermal Coagulator, a new frontier in caring for Endometriosis patients. UA Medical has always sought innovative, new products and will continue looking for solutions which improve your medical teams' patient care capabilities.  


Fanish Engineer, President & CEO UA Medical is owned and operated by Fanish Engineer. He has been a part of the Medical Supply sales force since 1977.

Engineer was born in India and immigrated to the United States in 1976. He currently lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife. He has two children. Both are living away from home in college. In his free time plays the Sitar.

Product Quality

We understand that patients expect your medical team to be precise in both diagnosis and care. Your medical supplier should be in harmony with this expectation. That's why we believe our product quality is integral to the quality of care your medical teams provide their patients. Behind the UA Medical brand, we are a 20+ year reputation of accurately and promptly distributing high quality surgical instruments. We guarantee it 100%.

Treatment of Endometriosis

UA Medical exclusively markets the Helica Thermal Coagulator, a safe, laparoscopic treatment that restores fertility when the infertility is caused by Endometriosis.

Helica Instruments

The Helica Thermal Coagulator represents a new frontier in the treatment of early endometriosis.
--Richard King M.D., OB/GYN

Practices using this FDA approved treatment are experiencing:

  • A Safer method In papers published in the Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and by the North Florida Regional Women's Centre, the Helica TC was shown to be safer than similar approaches such as the Argon Beam coagulator.
  • More Patient satisfaction While presenting minimal risks, multiple studies demonstrated the Helica TC's ability to effectively treat Endometriosis patients, relieving their pelvic pain and temporarily reversing their infertility.
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