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"Quality medical products at reasonable costs with reliable service - That's what you can expect from U.A. Medical Products. I have worked with Fanish Engineer for many years and value that relationship for my practice and my patients."

"Dr. James G. Zolzer, Lakeshore Women's Specialists, PC"

We work with well established reputed repair facilities and their technicians are well versed in the repair of rigid and flexible endoscopes.  From replica watches companies such as Dyonics, Stryker, ACMI, Linvatec, and Richard Wolf that manufacturer rigid endoscopes to companies like Olympus, Pentax, and Storz those manufacturer flexible endoscopes, we have the capabilities to evaluate and repair the different models that these manufacturers produce.

Our rigid endoscope technicians experience levels range from five years to over 15 years which gives us the ability to complete repairs such as an open & clean, objective replacement, and complete rebuilds to “standard” rigid endoscopes (arthroscope, cystoscope, and laparoscope).  We can also repair specialty rigid endoscopes such as carpal tunnel scopes, operating laparoscopes, and ureteroscopes.

Our flexible endoscope technicians experience levels range from 10 years to over 30 years.  We have three technicians that have worked for Olympus in the past and have cross trained on other manufacturer’s flexible endoscopes to become familiar with the repair processes that are pertinent to each.  Over the years, these technicians have seen many different issues that occur with flexible endoscopes and have been very successful at properly restoring them to the manufacturers’ specifications. 

When all repairs are received, they are logged in and an estimate number is created for each item that allows us to track it throughout the process while it is here.  Most items should have serial numbers that are entered onto the estimate that acts as a secondary tracking mechanism.

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All of our technicians qualify at either a Level II or Level III rating.  Our Levels are as follows:

Level I – Technician in training

Level II – Technician with ability to complete minor repairs and some major repairs

Level III – Technician with ability to complete all repairs possible



Our rigid technicians are either Level II or Level III

Rigid Tech 1:    Level III – 15 years experience


Rigid Tech 2:    Level III – 15 years experience


Rigid Tech 3:    Level II – 7 years experience


Rigid Tech 4:    Level II – 5 years experience




Our flexible technicians are also Level II or Level III




Flex Tech 1:     Level III – 33 years experience


Flex Tech 2:     Level III – 30 years experience

Flex Tech 3:     Level III – 25 years experience


Flex Tech 4:     Level III – 12 years experience 


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