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"I have had the opportunity to work with UA Medical Products and Fanish Engineer for over 10 years. The service has always been excellent and the products of high quality. I can comfortably recommend UA Medical to any physician or practice."

"Eric Feinberg, M.D., FACOG Chairman, Department of Obsterics Caromont Health Care"
Transbronchial Needle
UA Medical is a provider of Transbronchial Aspiration Needles. The unique design of the TeleMed Systems Transbronchial Aspiration Needle ensures safe, high-quality endoscopic procedure with the greatest ease of operation available.  Special design features include:

The Sure-Stop Handle

  • Permits one-handed extraction of the entire instrument from the scope
  • Sure-Stop lock prevents separation of inner and outer sheath during retraction
  • Protects equipment from perforation: built-in advance and retraction stops provide maximum needle extension and prevent over-withdrawal of needle into outer sheath
  • Eliminates guesswork about the proper position of the retracted needle
  • The Sure-Stop Sheath

  • Assures reproducible 13mm needle extension beyond the outer sheath, preventing overpenetration
  • 1.8mm outer catheter diameter fits most bronchoscopes and allows full scope angulation
  • The 150cm catheter length will allow complete bronchoscopic diagnosis
  • Eliminates the need for a stiffening stylet
  • The Sure-Stop Needle

  • Stainless steel 21 gauge needle is designed for maximum specimen retrieval with a very small puncture
  • Needle aspiration is particularly effective in diagnosing malignancy in patients where traditional sampling instruments cannot fully penetrate the mass
  • With all these special features, Telemed's Transbronchial Aspiration Needles are still the most economical available.

    Transbronchial Aspiration Needle 2102
    Catalog #: 2102
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